Thursday, November 19, 2009

Strange etag toll readers and speed cameras that aren't speed cameras PT2

So theres more..

How the RSC of WA wants your money!

Speed camera statistics vs road realted deaths (scroll half way down)

Strange etag toll readers and speed cameras that aren't speed cameras

Ok So i do a shitload of drinving for work, which partially adds to my loathing of Sydney.

Ive noticed a few strange things happening on our roads, namely, by the NSW government and the RTA

1st thing- is a bunch of speed cameras that arent actually speed cameras.
They are popping up everwhere, northbound throught the open / unused toll plaza, have seen then mounted above bridges on the f3 and also hanging precariously off the edges of SAFE T-CAM stations...

2nd thing - is toll readers mounted at locations that dont attract a toll.
there is one as you leave the f3 freeway(yes its still free) , turning left southbound at the pacific highway.. its a toll reader like the one you would see above an automatic toll plaza, but im certain it counts cars/spys on our movements secretly..

I think this because the rta normally uses a loop inductor in the road to count traffic, but with an etag, they can track and trace everyone's movements digitally, like google.

Think of how the asshole RTA will use this technology against YOU. They made everyone get and etag, literally forcing us to be "barcoded" and traced on the roads like a fedex parcel.

All sorts of scary links below...

System that uses etags to pay for parking tickets

Using toll tags to watch traffic

Evidence of how the police used traffic data against Marcus Einfeild

more to come im sure..

Just wait for point-to-point speeding cameras to be introduced, I predict it.

Thank fuck Brisbane still has the decency to treat its motorists as citizens with rights, and not as cash cows.

Been away

in beatiful Bris... so ill be posting stuff again soon!