Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spider in fuel tank prompts Mazda to recall 52,000 vehicles

A spider which wove a web inside an engine prompted Mazda overnight to recall 52,000 vehicles across the US to outfit them with special screens to keep the spiders out. 
 The problem was first discovered in October 2009 when a dealer found a spider web in a canister vent line when a customer brought their Mazda 6 in for repairs after it started leaking fuel.
The dealer investigated further and it was determined that the web blocked up the vent and caused "excessive vacuum" in the fuel tank which "eventually resulted in a crack in the fuel tank through repetitive negative pressure stress," Mazda said in filings with safety regulators.
Dealers will inspect all the vehicles for cracks, clean out the vents, install a "spring to prohibit spider intrusion" and reprogram the powertrain control module to avoid a build up of pressure in the tank.
If any webs or damage are found, the canister and fuel tank will be replaced.

Drugs made into paste and painted into books to smuggle into jail

FIVE people, including three New Jersey inmates, were arrested in connection with a conspiracy to use children's colouring book pages to smuggle drugs into a county jail, WPVI-TV reported.
In mid-February, colouring book pictures painted an orange-yellow color began arriving at the Cape May County Correctional Facility. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the pictures were often addressed, "To Daddy".
Correctional officers had received a tip about a conspiracy to smuggle drugs into facility through the mail, and tests on the pictures revealed the orange-yellow substance was Suboxone, a drug used to wean addicts off  opiates. The drug had been dissolved into a paste and painted onto the coloring book pages so inmates could lick the substance to get high.
Taking Suboxone without a doctor's direction can be dangerous.
"When it's first used, first being administered, you have to almost daily monitor that because it can cause breathing problems and death," Cape May County Sheriff Gary Schaffer said, according to WPVI-TV.

Three inmates - Zachary Hirsh, Charles Markham and Paul Scipione - were charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, while Debbie Longo, the mother of one of the inmates, was charged with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance.
Authorities are still searching for a third person in connection with the conspiracy.
Officials said the scheme was unlike any they had ever uncovered and are warning correction officers across the country to be alert for similar plots.
"Thirty-eight years in law enforcement, and I've done narcotic work, undercover narcotics myself, and I've never seen anything like this," Sheriff Schaffer said.

Homeowner auctions off rock that destroyed house with a catch

AMID the rubble of Christchurch, at least one homeowner whose home was destroyed can see the funny side of things.
Phil Johnson's home was badly damaged when a 30-tonne boulder dislodged from a hill above his home, rolled down and smashed through the roof and coming to rest in his living room.
Mr Johnson has placed the offending stone - dubbed "Rocky" -  on and already the bids are up to almost $NZ1000.
The catch? The buyer will have to move it.
On the page, which features photos of the boulder and the destruction it caused, he describes the rock thus: "He is in pristine condition (just a little bit of concrete dust). Suitable for garden feature, or as in our case a magnificent addition to your living area.

'Sexting' on the rise among teenagers

TEENAGERS are exchanging naked photos of themselves as a form of "insurance" to prevent their partners forwarding on saucy images, as the trend of sexting becomes increasingly common.
University of NSW researcher Nina Funnell has spoken to hundreds of young people aged between 15 and 18 about their sexting habits for a book she is writing and found sexting is an accepted part of adolescent dating culture, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The ongoing two-year research project into sexting - sending sexually explicit messages, photos or videos via text message - has revealed the adolescents are aware that filming their sexual poses and behaviour is risky.
"The common idea is that young people are doing this as a response to pressure or they're brainwashed by popular culture," Ms Funnell said.
"Young people I speak to don't say this. What I hear is it's about flirtation, pleasure and exploring their sexuality."Ms Funnell said that many students continued to "sext" even after finding out they risked criminal prosecution.
People aged under 18 can be convicted for producing, possessing or distributing images categorised as "child pornography" - even if the image is of themselves and they created it. Convicted minors could end up on a child sex offenders register.
While the laws aim to protect children from sexual predators, Ms Funnell said they also criminalise innocent flirting between teenagers.

"How can someone be both a perpetrator and victim of the same crime?" Ms Funnell said.
"It's putting legal constraints on young people's right to explore their sexuality in ways which are familiar to them. If you were filmed or the images are distributed without consent, then that should be treated as a serious breach of legal and ethical codes."

But University of Technology communications law professor Michael Fraser said the legislation is appropriate.
"There is a widely held view that would make light of this [sexting] as a kind of an ordinary personal expression by teenagers between each other, but I don't think that.
"If an image is truly porn and then sent online, it is not innocent. We need not normalise that type of behaviour," Professor Fraser said.

"Minors are in a very vulnerable position and need to exercise much greater caution ... Quite apart from any legal consequences under the Act, those images can have an indefinite life on the web."
Deakin University psychology Professor Marita McCabe said teenagers have always "pushed the barriers" exploring their sexuality, now they're using technology.
"We would need to be careful about criminalising something that is consensual and not exploitative," adolescent sexuality expert Professor McCabe said.

French school students taken to hospital after eating hashish 'breakfast bars'

FRENCH police were investigating today how a bag of hashish resin blocks, eaten by kids who mistook them for breakfast cereal bars, came to be left in the grounds of a school.
The students told teachers that they found the package containing the "leafy-flavored breakfast bars" hidden between a bush and the school fence during recess Friday, Le Progres newspaper reported.

One child from the school for six to 11 year olds in Tarentaize, near St. Etienne, in central France, was rushed to the hospital later that evening by his worried mother, along with a piece of the "leafy" bar.
Tests confirmed the bar that contained cannabis resin, and the boy was sent home. None of the other children who ate the bars became ill.

The mother of the boy who got sick filed a police complaint against the school for the "admission of harmful substances."

But Inspector of Schools Pierre-Michel Brunel said that the "school team responded with vigilance but could not assume that the children had eaten [cannabis]."

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bully Stars Casey and Richard Gale Paid $40K each for interview.

So it seems bullyin can be lucrative... Bash some kid, give interview, make easy $40k.

 "Caught in between were the 12-year-old Ritchard and 16-year-old Casey, whose families made about $40,000 each for the interviews, with Seven donating to an anti-bully group as well."

From This Sorrid artcile by Adelaide Now:

IT began with a victim fighting back against a bully; now, it's become schoolyard tactics by TV stations.
The brawling A Current Affair and Today Tonight, which used both boys as ratings cannon fodder, accused each other of stealing footage of paid interviews with victim Casey Heynes (on ACA) and bully Ritchard Gale (on TT).
Nine's ACA replayed Seven's TT interview with Gale minutes later on Monday night. It did not attribute the 270 seconds of pure TT replay to it, even including Seven reporter James Thomas's questions and narration above an ACA on-screen watermark.
But that was minutes after TT ran segments of unattributed ACA footage from its Sunday night interview with Casey - but without questions or narration from ACA's reporter.
The unprecedented moment in Australian TV news wars stunned Seven chief David Leckie.

He said it was a complete lift and ordered immediate legal action, while Seven yesterday pursued a copyright claim against Nine.
In response, Nine was pulling out a "tipper full of prior convictions" where TT had used ACA's footage, to counter Seven's legal action.

Caught in between were the 12-year-old Ritchard and 16-year-old Casey, whose families made about $40,000 each for the interviews, with Seven donating to an anti-bully group as well.
Ritchard yesterday left a note on the doorstep of Casey's home which said: "Sorry for hitting you ... hopefully all this trouble will stop after I say sorry to you and shake your hand."

TT last night also interviewed the teen who filmed the fight, who defended his friend Ritchard. He said Ritchard passed him his phone to record the vision but he was not to blame for the fight. "He (Ritchard) was provoked to do it," said the boy, who was suspended for 20 days for
While TT won Monday's national ratings with 1.44 million viewers to ACA's 1.2 million, the latter ironically beat TT in Sydney, with 420,000 viewers to the former's 378,000.

Casey Heynes' school Chifley Colledge Dunheved gets the all clear in bullying case

THE NSW Department of Education has cleared Chifley College of condoning a bullying culture, despite its principal allowing more than 60 incident reports involving Casey Heynes to stack up. 
The Year 10 student shot to international fame last week when a video of him fighting back against a schoolyard bully at his western Sydney public school went viral, reports the Sunday Telegraph.
The 16-year-old is seen pressed against a wall taking punches and taunts from a small Year 7 boy, Ritchard Gale, before snapping and throwing him to the ground.

During an interview with A Current Affair, Casey claimed he wrote between 60 and 70 incident reports to the school about the bullying, yet never got a break from the harassment.
A department spokesman said Chifley College principal Tim Jones would not be disciplined because he had done nothing wrong.

The spokesman admitted there were students who had been repeatedly abused by bullies but said the department was satisfied the Doonside school provided adequate support to the victims.
"Students who are subject to repeated bullying receive regular specialist and individual support," he said.
"The school supports students who report being bullied. The students are supported by a full-time counsellor, additional year advisers and peer mediators."
The department has also gagged the media from asking questions directly of Mr Jones or any teachers at Chifley College about the 60 reported complaints of bullying.
But speaking on the condition of anonymity, a school source confirmed Casey's incident reports had been ignored.

"The incident reports don't go anywhere - they just stack The department spokesman said every report filed to the principal had been addressed.

He would not detail how these had been addressed or how many reports had been received, but said the school had several ways to resolve instances of bullying.

These included disciplinary action, self-esteem programs, counsellor intervention and support and learning plans, as well as access to community support agencies.

Despite none of these methods helping Casey, the spokesman was adamant the school had done nothing wrong and had no need to overhaul its response to bullying.
The video has sparked calls for stronger supervision.
"The overwhelming bulk of bullying happens during recess and lunchtime, when students are not being supervised. We need more supervision, more staff in the playground," Parents and Citizens Federa- tion spokeswoman Sharryn Brownlee said.

"The duty of care is all day, not just in your classroom."
Jasmine Cook, of Yellow Rock, said she had to pull her daughter Brianna out of the local primary school because staff there refused to help her.
Brianna, 8, whom she claims was physically and mentally abused for two years, wants to encourage victims of bullying to stand up to their attackers.
"I was so scared of the bullies. They would push me down to the ground, jump on me and tackle me," she said.
"When I told the teacher, they would send me home, not send the bullies home."

Machine drags man though gap width of CD case

A BRITISH man has miraculously survived after being dragged through a gap the width of a CD case in a freak workplace accident. 
Matthew Lowe, 25, was grabbed by a high-powered conveyor system at the Compass Engineering factory where he worked in Barnsley, northern England, and squeezed through a five-inch gap from his shoulders to his feet, The Sun reported.
He broke his back, ruptured his stomach and bowel, shattered his pelvis and fractured both hips, his right arm and several ribs.
"I don't know how I'm alive," said the dad of one, whose head was pulled through a wider space. "I knew what was happening to me so just relaxed and hoped for the best. I really thought it was the end -- I was completely trapped.

"The machine crushed my body, ripped my clothes to shreds and spat me out. I was still alive but had no idea how."
His partner, 29-year-old Kim Swift - mum to the couple's five-year-old daughter Evie - was told to "expect the worst" when she arrived to see him in the hospital.
But Mr Lowe is now back working for the same company, which was set to appear in court today over alleged health and safety breaches, along with the conveyor's German installers.
Although he has few outward scars, he is a mass of metal on the inside since surgeons bolted, plated and screwed him back together.

Read more:

Carjack Fail

A WOMAN is in hospital after being hit in the head with a gun during an attempted carjacking - the third in three days.
The 41-year-old woman was approached by a gun-wielding man around 11.15pm, moments after driving her luxury CLK Mercedes into an underground carpark of a unit block in Strathfield.
The man threatened the woman, striking her in the head with the butt of the gun, and forced her into the passenger seat.
The man jumped into the driver's seat, however, his plan was foiled when he could not open the electric door of the Churchill Ave's carpark.

The man then got out of the car and ran from the carpark.
The woman is in a stable condition in Concord Hospital with severe bruising and lacerations to her face.
The would-be carjacker is described as Middle Eastern/Mediterranean in appearance and was wearing black clothes, black sunglasses and white gloves.
The incident is the second carjacking at gunpoint yesterday and the third in three days.

Cyclone Yasi destroyed much of Far North Queensland's marijuana crops

CYCLONE Yasi has helped Far Northern police in the fight against drug use and growing, wiping out much of the region's marijuana crops.
The destructive wind which destroyed forest areas has exposed drug crops, the Cairns Post reports.
"We would expect that a lot of the cannabis would have been destroyed,” Far Northern Drug Squad Det Sen-Sgt Kevin Goan said.
"The surrounding foliage would no longer be providing cover and concealment to assist the cultivation of the plants."
Specialised lights used to grow marijuana plants are also believed to have been cut during the storm.
"If anyone were to be engaged in that activity long-term, a loss of power would impact on the success of their enterprise," Sen-Sgt Goan said.

Cow manure fetish man jailed for two years in UK

A BRITISH man with a fetish for cow manure was beginning a two-year jail sentence today after he was caught sexually pleasuring himself while covered in dung on a farm in southwestern England.
David Truscott, 41, was found naked apart from a single sock by farmer Clive Roth's 16-year-old son last month, on Woodbury House Farm in Penzance, local newspaper The Falmouth Packet reported.
When officers arrived, he was covered in a large amount of slurry and mud and was surrounded by tissues.
It was the third time he was caught in similar circumstances at the same farm. He was previously jailed for offenses linked to his fetish.
Judge Christopher Elwen, presiding at Truro Crown Court, turned down defense calls for a suspended sentence, saying that Truscott had to be jailed for his "bizarre and perverted activities."
Truscott pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to breaching a restraining order and causing harassment.

Police to investigate Lara Bingle's record after demerit points joke

NEW South Wales Police will investigate Lara Bingle's driving records despite the bikini model insisting she was merely joking when she said she lost her licence after taking demerit points for her friends.
Chief NSW traffic officer John Hartley told  police would look into Bingle's driving record to assess whether or not charges would be laid.

"Of course there will be a preliminary look to see if there is any fact," he said.
"We will be in discussions with the SDRO (State Debt Recovery Office) and we'll see if there is any veracity in the comments made."

The Sunday Telegraph revealed Bingle, 23, lost her licence before Christmas after being fined a number of times and collecting demerit points.She is scheduled to get her licence back next month.
In an interview with trash talk pop show Kyle and Jackie O's Hot30, Bingle blamed her friends for the loss of her licence.

"It was (because of a) loss of points," she said on the radio show.
"I had too many. I took some for my friends."
Later, she retracted the claim on Twitter, saying she had been joking.
An RTA representative told The Sunday Telegraph the government body would look into the issue.

Woman charged over carjacking, biting police officer

A WOMAN has been charged after assaulting motorists and biting a police officer in the Hunter Valley.
The 27-year-old was seen running in and out of traffic on the New England Highway before getting into a car and assaulting the driver.
Police say she then got into another car and assaulted another female driver before being arrested.
While she was in custody she allegedly bit a female police officer.
The Horseshoe Bend woman has been charged with carjacking, assault and intimidation and was refused bail to face Maitland court today.

Brisbane teen boy's sleepover party turns into real life horror movie

SIX boys cowered in the dark as a knife-wielding man threatened to kill them during a suburban sleepover from hell.
The group of mostly 12-year-olds yesterday told how their neighbour went on a rampage, screaming they "were going to die" and trying to batter down the door to their townhouse in the Brisbane suburb of Capalaba.
The three-hour ordeal ended only when Brett Hayes, 50, was shot in the groin by a policewoman after he allegedly lunged at her with six 30cm knives.
An investigation has been launched into the shooting as police defended their response to several frantic calls for help.
Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett said police had visited the unit block "on a couple of occasions" earlier in the night, but were unable to find the source of a reported disturbance.
He brushed aside reports that police took more than an hour to respond to calls for assistance.
"On a busy Friday night, resources are stretched and priority is given to various jobs as they come in," he said.
The sleepover was being held at the townhouse of a 14-year-old boy, who had invited school friends aged 12 to 14 over for the night.
Just before midnight, the boy said Hayes had knocked on the door and asked whether the boys wanted to take a walk with him.
Their refusal sparked a three-hour rampage, during which they cowered in the dark while Hayes threatened to break the door down.
The boy said Hayes returned many times during the three hours, smashing against the lower-floor glass door, pounding on windows and fences and screaming threats.
One boy said the scariest moment was sitting in the house with the lights off as Hayes scratched at the door and shouted to the boys that they "were going to die".
As well as three calls to police, the boy also made a desperate phone call to his mother, who was working a late shift. She arrived shortly before the shooting.
Eyewitnesses say two female police officers ordered Hayes to return to his townhouse, a few doors down from the boy's home. But onlookers watched in horror as Hayes allegedly rushed out of his home armed with knives, lashing at the officers.
One said he was just metres from one of the officers who shot Hayes in the leg just before 3am after he allegedly ignored three warnings, lunging at the officer with a blade within centimetres of her face.
The mother of one of the boys at the sleepover said her son was still trying to deal with the terrifying ordeal.
"They will have nightmares for ages," she said. "You don't want your 12-year-old around guns, knives and shootings."
The mother said she was disappointed with the police response time.
No charges had been laid against Hayes, who spent last night in hospital.

So it seems theres a fake sealand going around phishing for your details..

Once again there is yet another fraudulent Sealand website purporting to represent the Principality. They are requesting personal information from people on their site to gain citizenship however this is a hoax and we have no idea of their motives. Please do not send any personal information to the "Republic of Sealand"!

Thanks to all our fans that have brought this to our attention and for your continued support!

The only Official  Government Website is

Prince Michael would like to add:
The Republic of Sealand website has been created it seems by someone that we have never ever heard of. Lots of work must have gone into it I would imagine. The internet is a wonderful thing but the down side is that anyone can put what they want on it.
Some years ago my father was amused to read his own obituary on Wikipedia, it seemed that he had been taken by one of the rarest diseases known to man (well it would be wouldn’t it)! But then thinking about it even before the internet there was the journalist who interviewed Prince Roy in a pub in Harwich, Roy went to the toilet never to return again, he must have climbed out the window said the Journalist. He wrote and published the story even though my parents were on the other side of the world at the time. But there are many more stories like that.
My message to the world is that there is no change in the Principality and things are as usual, and the early spring weather is welcome on the North Sea .

The self appointed Republic of Sealand is nothing more than a lame try to scam citizens in order to get their personal data.

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Refurb Tablet Pc Laptops Sydney $279

HP TC4400 Laptop Tablet Core2 2Gb Ram

HP TC4400 Laptop Tablet Core2 2Gb Ram
Refurbished Ex corporate lease laptop,
Core2 2GB WinXP
VGA and HP S Video Out
 3 USB Ports
Built in page scroller and Zoom function
Fingerprint logon scanner
SD, MMC card reader.
14.1 Inch Screen
Clean XP Install.
Near Mint condition
Includes stylus, charger and case.
Well looked after ex pharma company.
1 Only left.


Two men shot and killed in Houston after finding lost mobile phone

TWO US men were shot and killed today in Houston, apparently in a dispute over a lost mobile phone.
Police responded to reports of a shooting at an apartment complex at about 2am local time, KHOU-TV said. When officers arrived on the scene, they found one dead body at the front of the complex and another in the rear.
Witnesses told police that the two victims had picked up a dropped mobile phone in a parking lot after leaving a convenience store. The owner of the phone apparently rang the device and told one of the victims to meet him at the apartment complex.
The suspects arrived at the complex and fired on the two victims. One of the victims, who was handicapped, was immediately shot and killed. The other victim attempted to flee the scene on foot with a witness, but was caught by the suspects and also fatally shot.

Canteen takes up online spy technology

NEW canteens are allowing parents to log in and spy on their children's school lunches online. 
 The swipe card technology also allows parents to block their kids from buying junk food.
At Kardinia International College in Geelong, Victoria, students can only buy items at the canteen with an electronic card.
Principal John Goodfellow said students could load the card using a machine at school or parents could load it from the internet.
"They go up and point the card and what comes up on the screen is their photo and then the serving staff know if there are any restrictions on what they eat," he said.
"So parents can say they're not allowed to have this or not allowed to have that. If they order a pie and they're not allowed a pie, the transaction will be refused.

SKA - An Aussie outback full of satellite dishes - A new outlook

IMAGINE being able to track the evolution of the universe, back to almost the beginning of space and time.
Enter the Square Kilometre Array or "SKA", the largest proposed telescope on Earth.
Soon to be - hopefully - located in the Australian outback.
Much like a palaeontologist digging down through the layers of earth, studying fossils and materials to determine the history of life on earth, the SKA will study the layers of gases and materials to determine how the universe came to be.
When it's built, the SKA will be 50 times larger than the world’s current largest radio telescope and comprise of over 3000 antennas or dishes scattered over a continent or more.

In total, it will span up 5500km. Half of those dishes will be in a central 5km by 5km region.
All the information from these will be brought together by the world’s fastest broadband network running at 100 terabytes per second - 10 times the equivalent of the world’s internet traffic today.

All that data will be brought to this central point, the world’s fastest super computer. It will run at one million million million operations per second or one ‘exabyte’.
The numbers might sound a bit unbelievable, but Dr Brian Boyle, CSIRO's SKA Director for Australia and New Zealand, told it's an indication of the sheer size and quality of the information the SKA telescope will bring in.
“In more modern day terms, the total amount of current digital information is around 26 exabytes generated every year digitally in the world," he said.
"The SKA will generate two exabytes in a few days, and surpass the yearly amount in about one month.”
The decision on who gets the SKA is coming to a critical crossroads. The 20 countries actively taking part in the SKA project are hoping to form a legal governance body by the middle of 2011.
Then they'll decide whether to place it in either Western Australia or southern Africa. That decision will be made in 2012.
Dr Boyle said the final location will depend on factors that determine what will enable the best science to be done by the global community;
Radio quietness, for starters – it would be best to go somewhere without almost no radio interference.
“Australia has a large natural reserve of radio quietness because of such a low population density," Dr Boyle said.
"Our proposed central site for the SKA, Murchison Shire in the mid-west of Western Australia, is 50,000 square kilmetres, but has population of only 110 people, so its largely radio quiet.”
We also need space, one aspect Australia certainly doesn't lack.
And with the inclusion of New Zealand, the area available increases by almost 40%, making the information collected even clearer.
“Australia (also) has the infrastructure, we have a broadband research network that minimises the ‘last mile problem’ of getting the network to all these remote sites,” Dr Boyle said.
“We’ve also got more than half a century of tradition in radio astronomy with existing infrastructure; it’s around Australia already.”
Scientists, engineers, astronomers and cosmologists from all participating countries, including Australia, will not only help with the telescope’s development, but also its use.
“Australia I believe has the best scientific case to have the SKA sited in it, " Dr Boyle said, "but ultimately this is a global project."
"It has to be decided by collaboration not competition. Every nation that is involved with the SKA must have a net return.”
“This telescope will basically live on the web due to the scale, so it’s really a telescope for the world.”
So how far could the telescope see? How about the ability to look back to the beginning of time?
“The SKA will be the first radio telescope that will allow us to go back to that very first few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang and trace this history of gas, the gas from which the stars came throughout cosmic time,” Dr Boyle said.

“The SKA could see how the gas forms into stars and the stars into galaxies then also you’ll be able to look at some of the stars and watch the discs and material forming around them to make planets.”
Much of the technology that the SKA will use has yet to be invented, Dr Boyle said.
"The SKA is pushing the very boundaries of what is possible in the information technology area.
“We’re planning to use a super computer that hasn’t been built yet, so we have to work within the industry to develop those things.”

“It sounds strange but there is the classic example from back in the 1970s at CSIRO, a radio engineer was looking for black holes.

“He didn’t find but eventually his formulas and research went on to make Wi-Fi technology you’ll find in your laptop or mobile phone, so a lot of that technology came from radio astronomy.
“So it there another Wi-Fi in the SKA bank? I think you can bet on it.
"People ask me ‘What is the most important thing the SKA will discover?’ and my response is, if I can predict it, we aren’t being ambitious enough.”

Read more:

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Fat Americans Need More Space on Buses

Michelle Obama's war on obesity is getting some support from the Federal Transit Administration: It wants to beef up bus-testing regulations to account for the increased poundage of its passengers.

After studying the fats, er, facts, the FTA is proposing to change the average passenger weight from 150 to 175 pounds and the floor space occupied per standing passenger from 1.5 to 1.75 square feet.

And because passengers are getting heftier, the FTA wants to update the structural strength and distortion test procedures to ensure that buses don't get busted from too many people busting their pants.

According to the official docket, the regulatory change is needed because not only are Americans bigger than they used to be, but there's a big problem with the current testing procedures: A number of buses tested at the FTA's Bus Testing Center had not been tested in their fully loaded condition with all seats and standing positions occupied.

Apparently, that was because doing so would have caused the actual weight to exceed either the gross vehicle weight ratings or a front or rear gross axle weight rating.

As a result, the test data might not reflect the actual performance of these buses in real-life service, particularly during rush hour when operators frequently allow all seats and aisles to be filled without regard to regulations, to avoid leaving passengers behind at a stop.

Read the proposal here.

Book on What Men Think About Besides Sex Outsells 'Harry Potter,' 'Da Vinci Code'

It is perhaps no surprise that a book titled "What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex" is a best seller.

It is also perhaps no surprise that such a book has recently outsold a Harry Potter title and "The Da Vinci Code" on

But what about the fact that the book contains only blank pages?

The joke is on, well, all of us.

Sheridan Simove's book 'What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex' has become a surprise bestseller on The book has 200 blank pages and is currently outselling two of the biggest books of all time.
London PR
Sheridan Simove's book "What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex" has become a surprise best seller on The book has 200 blank pages and is currently outselling two of the biggest books of all time.
"I am fiercely proud that I can now call myself a best-selling author," said comedian and entrepreneur Sheridan Simove, the book's "writer."

"What is wonderful about it is that people want to laugh."

"What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex" has sold out its first print run, hitting No. 744 on Amazon's list, ahead of Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" at No. 2,910 and JK Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" at No. 2,406.

Simove told AOL News that the idea for the book came after an earlier publishing venture, a self-help book called "Ideas Man," which was a comparative flop.

"It was about my life and success and failures," he said of "Ideas Man." "It took me five years to [write], it was out for two years, and it got to number 5,000 on the Amazon charts."

Simove's other ideas have been more successful, including a Martin Loofah King bath product, the Inotepad and the Designer Beaver, an adult novelty gift, which he claims have sold over a million units.

"I like to do things where people say it can't be done and no one puts barriers in front of my goal," Simove said.

The latest winning idea was turning a joke into a book.

A blank book.

"From the day of conception to having a book in my hand took nine days. I became gripped by the idea."

Although "What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex" was given an ISBN number, crucial for any serious publishing venture, British authorities refused to grant the publication the tax-free status it usually does for books.

"The question now is when is a book not a book?" Simove said. "This is the first surrealist book ever made."

More here

UK council unveils bus lane too narrow for buses

UK council unveils bus lane too narrow for buses

A UK council is under fire for spending £1.5 million ($2.5 million) on a bus lane, only for drivers to find it is not wide enough for buses. Residents of King's Lynn in Norfolk, eastern England, branded the project "farcical" after drivers discovered they have to navigate the route at walking pace because it is so narrow, Lynn News reported.
The road has not been used since it was unveiled earlier this month because the drivers will need special training to use it, and there is no one available to train them.
Brian Lake, 63, cycles along the route each morning. He said, "It's a farce. It took a driver and someone standing in the footwell to see the driver through the pinch point on the trial run. There are tyre marks on the kerb where it has squeezed through."
Lee Stevens, the principal of nearby Whitefriars Primary School, added, "It's ludicrous. That's the busiest point in terms of pedestrian crossings. It's not fit for [the] purpose."
The Norfolk County Council project engineer behind the venture, Quentin Brogdale, apologised for the state of the road. He reasoned that the project had to be finished this month or there was a risk the government could retract funding for it.

This meant the lane was being built while negotiations were being carried out on buying a small piece of private land to one side of the lane that would enable it to be widened.
Ben Colson, managing director of Norfolk Green buses, which should use the route, said, "We had expected the area to be tight for buses however, now that they have started to test the route, we have discovered that they are having particular difficulty negotiating the narrow point and some are scraping the kerb."
Read more of this story about the bus lane in Lynn News.

Mona Lisa model was a male, say Italian researchers

ITALIAN researchers who specialise in resolving art mysteries said today they have discovered the disputed identity of the model for Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa - and claimed he was a man.
Silvano Vinceti, chairman of the Italian national committee for cultural heritage, said the Florence-born Renaissance artist's male apprentice and possible lover Salai was the main inspiration for the picture.
However his claim was immediately disputed by experts at the Louvre in Paris, where the painting is on display.

Salai, real name Gian Giacomo Caprotti, a young artist who worked with da Vinci for 25 years, is thought to have served as a model and muse for several of his paintings. The pair had an "ambiguous" relationship and were probably lovers, Mr Vinceti said.

Comparisons between the facial characteristics of figures from several of da Vinci's works -- such as St. John the Baptist and the Angel Incarnate - reveal striking similarities with the Mona Lisa's nose and mouth, he said.
"There are remarkable similarities," Mr Vinceti said.

What is more, Mr Vinceti said, da Vinci had left clues to the model's identity in tiny letters L and S which he and his team found painted into the eyes of the Mona Lisa.

"Close examination of a high-quality digital copy of the portrait had revealed an L for Leonardo and an S for Salai," he said.
But Vinceti's claims have been disputed by the Louvre museum.
The museum said it had carried out "every possible laboratory test possible" on the picture in 2004 and then again in 2009, and insisted that "no inscriptions, letters or numbers, were discovered during the tests."

"The aging of the painting on wood has caused a great number of cracks to appear in the paint, which have caused a number of shapes to appear that have often been subject to over-interpretation," the Louvre said.
The museum also said Mr Vinceti had made his claims without having had access to the painting itself.

Family gets nothing as Hebrew University owns Albert Einstein's name

RELATIVITY is lost on the university that owns the lucrative rights to Albert Einstein's name but does not give a dollar to his family, the New York Post reported.
"Everyone assumes I'm filthy rich, and they think I have a mental problem because I'm not using my money," the late scientist's granddaughter, Evelyn Einstein, told The Post.
When the iconic genius died in 1955 at age 76, he bequeathed the literary rights in his estate to Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The school later trademarked Einstein's name, and last year alone made $10 million from licensing fees.
"I never made any issue of the fact that they were willed the literary estate," Evelyn said. "But what does a bobblehead have to do with a literary estate? I was really offended by some of the stuff that was being OK'd."

Evelyn, 69, and in poor health, said she never knew how much her grandfather's name was worth until 2008, when Forbes magazine released its list of highest-earning deceased celebrities.
Evelyn said when she approached officials at Hebrew University about sharing the profits, she was "rudely blown off."
The university did not respond to requests for commen

Read more:

"Glitchy" iPad 2 is the new iPhone 4

JUST days before the iPad 2 hits the shelves in Australia, overseas consumers are already reporting apparent defects in the much hyped tablet.
Internet forums and technology websites are running hot with users complaining of "backlight bleeding" on the touchscreen, as well as dead pixels and problems with the antenna.
The iPad 2 goes on sale Friday in Australia, with Apple stores and other retailers making stock available after 5pm.
US website Cult of Mac reviewer David Martin said his original iPad 2 and a replacement device both suffered from backlight bleeding, where light seeped through on the edges when the screen was black.
“I spent more than $1,000 for the whole thing with accessories - I want something worth the investment not a dud,” Mr Martin posted on
“Apple has a serious problem on its hands with the iPad 2 display.”
User Sahilio said on an Apple Discussions forum that he exchanged his iPad 2 twice but the third tablet still had glitches.
There are also multiple YouTube videos highlighting the apparent display issue.
The next-generation tablet went on sale in the US on March 11.
Australian Macworld online editor Tim Grey said the complaints were surprising.
“Apple has apparently put quite a large investment into touchscreens and there’s never been a problem like this in the past,” Mr Grey said.
He said it could affect users’ enjoyment of the console.
“It would definitely affect you watching a movie. You wouldn’t want a unit with this kind of backlight bleeding,” he said.

Mr Grey said many consumers also found dead pixels and a yellow tinge on the screens of their devices apparently resulting from the type of glue used in the manufacturing process.
Tech websites such as iLounge and reported that the iPad 2 3G’s antenna was causing clarity issues with the tablet’s microphone.

But market analyst Foad Fadaghi of Telsyte research firm said the complaints wouldn’t deter Aussie fans from buying Apple’s latest gizmo.
“The thing to look at is the example of the iPhone 4. When it came out with its antenna issues that didn’t really deter many people from buying it,” Mr Fadaghi said.
“I think people that are going to buy one have already made up their minds.”
Apple Australia was unavailable for comment.

Waiting 50 hours to buy an iPad 2? Just a bit of fun

TRAVEL through Asia. Catch up with friends. Wait in line for 50 hours to buy a gadget you already own.
These are some of the things that Alex Lee, 27, is doing on holiday.
"I was backpacking in Asia, and I already have my iPad 2, but my sister needed one so I said, OK, I'll come down," Mr Lee told

"Since my cousin lives here and I have friends here, I said why not, let's do this, let's have some fun."
Mr Lee, who lives in Canada but previously studied in Sydney, today became the first person to start camping outside Sydney's Apple Store for the launch of the iPad 2.

He's in for quite a wait — the gadget doesn't go on sale until 5pm on Friday afternoon.
"I'll probably break the 50 hour mark," Mr Lee said, after arriving around noon on Wednesday.

"I have with me a tent, some blankets, a chair that my friend brought me, some shirts, my college in Manly is bringing me some (more) shirts, and that's pretty much it.
"Apple Store Sydney has very graciously offered to give me water, help me recharge my peripherals, help me stand in line if I need to get food, so for that, I'm really grateful.
"I care for a company that cares for its people."
Mr Lee has experience at this sort of thing. He spent 32 hours at London's Regent Street Apple Store for the launch of the iPhone 4 last year.

However his old school friend and line-up buddy Marius Eilertsen, second in the queue, is a relative first-timer.
"We went to uni together about four or five years ago, so we just stayed in touch and I know he's a mad Apple fan," Mr Eilertsen said.

Mr Eilertsen, a 29-year-old sales worker from Sydney, didn't prepare quite as thoroughly as Mr Lee, but didn't seem worried.
"I brought a chair and a blanket, and that's about it. I'll get more supplies when I need them," he said.
"Hopefully my wife will bring me stuff. She gets the house to herself, so yeah."
And what does Mr Lee think of the iPad 2, which he's already using?
"I think it's amazing," he said.

"It's a lot thinner, it's a lot lighter, it feels a lot more sturdy and it seems a lot more nimble when I do things, so I'm really, truly enjoying it."

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Something Cheap and Fun to do in Sydney

FOund this whilst Browsing around online.. look slike a lot of fun..

Sydney Recreational Flying Club offer Trial Flights (TIF) and Gift Certificates where you or your friend can spend 20 minutes actually flying a plane.  Much more fun than Flight Sim.
We operate from The Oaks airfield in South Western Sydney.  All flights are with a qualified and licenced Flying Instructor.  The Club owns and operates two near new A22 Foxbat aircraft and an Australian Lightwing taildragger.
See the Burragorang Valley, Picton and Thirlmere

A TIF or Gift Certificate is $75 - no hidden costs. 

See the ad here for more information and contact details:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A new blog from me.

Hello Everyone.

Im creating a series of new blogs, This is the 1st one , I hope you all enjoy, Questions, Comments, Subscribtions all welcome!
A blog about ebay sellers bagging out their wives.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The worst song in the world.

Rebecca Black's saccharine song Friday went nuts over the weekend after Comedy Central's website posted a link to it under the headline Songwriting Isn't For Everyone.

The heavily auto-tuned track has already had more than 10 million views and while her age-appropriate fans may consider her the next Justin Bieber, other music fans have protested loudly about the banality of the track.

The ratings button on the YouTube clip has been disabled and Black has out-trended the Japanese earthquake tragedy for the past few days.

Reviewers have said "it's so bad, it's good" for its lyrical content which includes the unforgettable chorus:

"Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday

Today is Friday, Friday (Partyin')

Tomorrow is Saturday

And Sunday comes afterwards".

...Somebody Please Kill it with Fire.

British woman 'bites off' boyfriend's testicles

A BRITISH man had surgery to reattach his testicles after his girlfriend allegedly bit them off, the Daily Mirror reported yesterday.
Maria Georgina Topp, 43, appeared in court accused of carrying out the horrific attack on her boyfriend Martin Douglas, 45, in Newcastle, northern England.
Douglas had to call emergency services himself after the incident, but was in so much pain operators could not understand what he was saying. He needed emergency surgery and had to spend several days in the hospital recovering from the attack.
Paramedics who attended the scene called police when they saw the extent of his injuries and Topp was arrested and charged with causing grievous bodily harm.
A Northumbria Police spokesman said, "At around 4:00am [local time] on Friday, Feb. 18, police were called to a report of an assault. Officers arrested a 43-year-old woman on suspicion of assault. A 45-year-old man was taken to the Freeman Hospital for treatment to injuries to his arm and groin area."

Facebook party invite mayhem: youth could face jail

A 17-year-old NSW student has been charged after a girl's 16th birthday party invitation went viral on Facebook.
The youth, from Sydney's north, was arrested at 1.40pm yesterday when police visited his home and seized two of his computer hard-disk drives.
He was later charged with using a carriage service (the internet) to harass/offend contrary to the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act, NSW Police said.
He was granted bail to appear at Hornsby Children's Court on April 7, NSW Police said. It is understood that the boy will turn 18 this week.
Under the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act, if a person is found guilty of the alleged offence the penalty is imprisonment for a maximum of three years.

Superintendent Terence Dalton yesterday said police had identified the youth as the person allegedly behind the dissemination of a teenage girl's birthday party invitation - including her name, home address and mobile phone number - to more than 200,000 people online.
The girl had originally created her own birthday invitation on Facebook but shut it down after it got out of hand with more than 2000 people registered to attend.
However within a day, an impostor created the invitation again and it spread to more than 200,000 Facebook users.
Superintendent Dalton said yesterday it was "good police work" which led them to identify the youth, who allegedly assumed the girl’s identity under another Facebook profile to spread the party invite.
He said the party the girl originally intended to hold had now been cancelled and additional police resources would be rostered on the day to patrol the area.
‘‘Any person turning up in that area and engaging in any anti-social behaviour will be dealt with severely,’’ he said.
He also wanted to remind parents to be "more vigilant" when it came to their children’s use of social networking.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jess cooper's 16th open house party

The Most Epic House party Ever with over 56000 Attendees confirmed so far.

text me if u can to tell me if ur coming u can bring grog and my dad is gonna b there so if your rents need to call my dad they can.

have any problems text me on 0401374971

you can bring friends if u want to. everyone from st. Andrews in year 10 is invited i just dont have enuff time to invite everyone so if u know someone u want to invite u can invite them as well.

open house party as long as it dont get out of hand

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teachers should not have takens kids Snorkelling

A 40-YEAR-OLD Melbourne school teacher has been swept to his death while snorkelling with a group of schoolgirls off Bells Beach. 
The group of 15 schoolgirls and three teachers from prestigious Shelford Girls Grammar School in Caulfield were on an organised snorkelling excursion with a Torquay-based adventure company at Southside Beach - an area of reef to the south of Bells Beach - when they were struck by heavy waves about 4.30pm.

The group were snorkelling and rock-hopping along the stretch of reef when the waves hit, the Herald Sun reports.

Most of the schoolgirls and two teachers were able to battle to shore.

Torquay police Sergeant Brian McKiterick said the 40-year-old teacher and four or five of the students, aged 15 and 16, were swept into a rip and dragged further out to sea.
Sgt McKiterick said company operators retrieved the teacher and brought him back to shore, but he was washed out a second time.
"They got him near to the shore but apparently the rip must have picked him up again and taken him further out," Sgt McKiterick said.

Surf lifesavers arrived at the scene and brought the man to shore but failed to revive him after he went into cardiac arrest.
The other schoolgirls were rescued.

Staff and students at the scene were too shocked to comment. Operators of the company - Westcoast Adventure and Surf School - also declined to speak.

Locals said the swell had been getting bigger throughout the day and the beach was a dangerous proposition by the afternoon.

“It’s ridiculous. You could see it from the beach … churned up sand and water,” one experienced Torquay surfer said.
“Even a non-surfer would look at it and say 'I’m not going near that thing today. You’d go somewhere else'."

Conditions were too rough for the air ambulance to winch the man's body from the beach. State Emergency Service volunteers were called in to help carry it about 500m to the nearest car park.

Some of the students were treated at the scene for asthma and swallowing sea water.
They students are expected to undergo counseling after the ordeal.
Police will prepare a report for the Coroner.

- With The Geelong Advertiser