Saturday, October 17, 2009

need's too fined a home ergent, :[

Needs to learn to speel

I actually feel really sorry for this guy and his rabbit and would love to take the rabbit,but it was already gone when we emailed! I guess someone wasnt shy..

hi every one my name is tristen i am putting my rabbit on here again too give away for free and last time ppl rang me up but no one showed up too look at the rabbit or too pick her up she is a little big and chubby but bammby dose not have a good home here as there is too many cat's here and and she is very good with kid's as my sister's kid's play with her when they come over,she has her own hut and that is for free please i need you too call me as soon as you can if you want too save her my number is,xxxxx-xxx,or if im not home call me on xxx-xxx-xxx,please i dont want the r.s.p.c.a. too put her down,if no one call's me in this week and by next week tuesday there is nothing els i can do, : [ : [ .p.s.please dont be shy too show up.

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