Sunday, December 6, 2009

Discount books

An interesting find on ebay is that you can buy scientology and dianetics books at lower-than-church-extortion-prices.

Open up ebay and type dianetics and you'll find a a whole bunch of selfless self help and brainwashing courses for even cheaper than the cult, sorry church, sell them for.

If your that desperate for attention you can even buy a signed by the big man himself copy of the auditors handbook for a mere US$15k.

If your super keen you can even buy a not-so-sacred e meter and measure your own mental issues with a hottted-up- multimeter circuit. The device is also able to measure whether or not fruits can experience pain and are considered sacred ... but you can buy them on eeee-bay.

But for the super-mad ebaying scientoologist, you can have, for a mere, mere, US$3,500,000, the worlds largest private 28,ooo item super library of this guy.

happy bidding

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