Monday, December 13, 2010

Generation Binge - top cop's fears over drink-until-you-drop culture

A GENERATION of young people will be wiped out if their obsession with alcohol and binge drinking is not curbed, the state's top cop has warned. 
NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione issued the stern warning yesterday ahead of the official launch of Operation Unite - a statewide blitz against drunken violence.
With alcohol-related violence spiralling beyond control, Mr Scipione pleaded for an immediate cultural change regarding drinking.

"If we do nothing, we run the risk of losing a generation of young people who think it's the norm to drink until you drop," Mr Scipione said. Police will saturate NSW on Friday and Saturday, targeting unlawful and reckless behaviour on the streets, in pubs, on the roads and in every alley.
Despite a recent drop in the number of assaults in licensed premises across NSW, Mr Scipione said there were still too many "senseless attacks".
"We've just got to fall out of love with the booze," he said.
Police will do everything in their powers to end alcohol-fuelled mayhem, he said, but it came down to a matter of "personal responsibility".

"If you drink yourself into a stupor you are asking for trouble ... this is supposed to be a peaceful, enjoyable time of year but there's nothing enjoyable about being arrested," he said.

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