Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kylie denies extreme water diet

KYLIE Minogue has slammed reports she owes her enviable figure to an extreme water diet.
The Daily Mail reported the singer dropped a dress size for her high-profile appearances on US television.

"The dangerous plan involves the 42-year-old drinking nothing but water flavoured with freshly squeezed lemon or lime, and eating just one small low-calorie meal a day," the Daily Mail reports.
"She wasn't overweight," a source close to the star reportedly said, adding Minogue takes the drastic measures "whenever she's due to give a high-profile performance or has a photoshoot."
But Minogue shot back on her Twitter account today, calling the claims false and alarming.

" reports that I am on a water diet are not only untrue but irresponsible. No, no, NO!!!!!!" she tweeted.

The source reportedly told Heat magazine, "When she wants a treat she freezes the citrus water into ice cubes so it feels like she's eating a healthy ice lolly."
Minogue will next be seen performing on the X Factor UK this weekend in front of sister Dannii and the rest of the judges.

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