Thursday, November 25, 2010

Now Facebook comes in actual book form

Nov 25, 2010 5:02pm
FACEBOOK users flock to get a physical record of their favourite photos, friends and updates.
Now it looks like people want to move them back off again — not for privacy reasons, but because they look better that way.

Facebook users have jumped at the chance to have a physical copy of their online "moments" printed for them so as never to forget their favourite status updates, photos or comments.
One thousand limited edition Facebook books, created by French advertising agency DDB, disappeared in the space of an hour, the agency said.
The books were part of a campaign to launch French telecommunications company Bouygues Télécom's Facebook page.

"We decided to look at the way we use Facebook and found that even though we use the social networking site everyday, we forget our favourite moments," said DDB's Siavosh Zabeti.
"So we created an app that could change that, and keep your Facebook, in a book."
While DDB's Facebook books are completely sold out, Facebook fans wanting to have their status updates, wall messages, comments and photos published can still visit Facebook app EgoBook to create a physical Facebook memoir.

A personalised EgoBook can be purchased from the company for about €30 ($40). The price changes slightly depending on the book's content.
In November 2009 a company called TweetBookz started giving Twitter users the opportunity to self-publish their own book of tweets.
The books, which can still be purchased from, cost about $15 for a soft cover edition or $25 for a hard cover edition and include a selection of up to 200 of your tweets.

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