Monday, July 4, 2011

What is all about?

Lately some very authentic but somewhat dubiuos banner ads have been appearing on website around town lately, for, or the Australian Interior Authority.

It states new laws and to report suspiciuos persons under the btter australia act ect ect..

Its seems to be viral hype for a new product in my opinon but there are no contact details and little google / web links..


Registry details for the website point to Draffcb, a wmarketing company in melbourne.. The registrant is an account manager there.....starting to look more like attempted viral hype than an actual movement.

 Eds note: Love the american eagle in the logo lol


  1. As an American I can say we usually don't depict our eagle that way but its not set in stone.

  2. What are you on about? And who said it's an American eagle? Countries, city states, families, guilds and businesses have been using the eagle as a symbol long before America even existed. But no, American's feel they have some kind of unique claim to the eagle. Well our eagles are bigger than yours buddy! (um, probably not, but they can drink yours under the table!).

  3. New vids up on youtube, might lead to some more info...