Saturday, March 26, 2011

So it seems theres a fake sealand going around phishing for your details..

Once again there is yet another fraudulent Sealand website purporting to represent the Principality. They are requesting personal information from people on their site to gain citizenship however this is a hoax and we have no idea of their motives. Please do not send any personal information to the "Republic of Sealand"!

Thanks to all our fans that have brought this to our attention and for your continued support!

The only Official  Government Website is

Prince Michael would like to add:
The Republic of Sealand website has been created it seems by someone that we have never ever heard of. Lots of work must have gone into it I would imagine. The internet is a wonderful thing but the down side is that anyone can put what they want on it.
Some years ago my father was amused to read his own obituary on Wikipedia, it seemed that he had been taken by one of the rarest diseases known to man (well it would be wouldn’t it)! But then thinking about it even before the internet there was the journalist who interviewed Prince Roy in a pub in Harwich, Roy went to the toilet never to return again, he must have climbed out the window said the Journalist. He wrote and published the story even though my parents were on the other side of the world at the time. But there are many more stories like that.
My message to the world is that there is no change in the Principality and things are as usual, and the early spring weather is welcome on the North Sea .

The self appointed Republic of Sealand is nothing more than a lame try to scam citizens in order to get their personal data.

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