Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spider in fuel tank prompts Mazda to recall 52,000 vehicles

A spider which wove a web inside an engine prompted Mazda overnight to recall 52,000 vehicles across the US to outfit them with special screens to keep the spiders out. 
 The problem was first discovered in October 2009 when a dealer found a spider web in a canister vent line when a customer brought their Mazda 6 in for repairs after it started leaking fuel.
The dealer investigated further and it was determined that the web blocked up the vent and caused "excessive vacuum" in the fuel tank which "eventually resulted in a crack in the fuel tank through repetitive negative pressure stress," Mazda said in filings with safety regulators.
Dealers will inspect all the vehicles for cracks, clean out the vents, install a "spring to prohibit spider intrusion" and reprogram the powertrain control module to avoid a build up of pressure in the tank.
If any webs or damage are found, the canister and fuel tank will be replaced.


  1. Them damn spiders!! lol

  2. Crazy that a little spider could cause so much damage.