Friday, June 10, 2011

Be careful with heaters in winter

This morning i woke up with my bed on fire. Yes im one of these idiots that sleep with a heat on full crank next to me. Done it for years always been careful, never had a prob...

My old heater had a thermo that cut it out... The heater i have now is a open type halogen thing, there no theremo and big open hot face,  Somehow part of my quilt/doona  fell onto it whilst asleep  - it is a good 2 feet from the bed - I woke up with a corner of it on fire, black smoke everywhere an it dripping metly plastic stuff all over the floor. Luckily cos im such a cheapskate and i live in granny flat - and my bedroom is actually half a kitchen, so there a tap about 2 metres from my bed, In the whole doona went into the sink, made a mess, but no one died.

Kinda strange is  that the g/f and i were only joking/talking about it the other day. I actually mentioned what i would do if it happened, so i guess in a way. i was sorta prepared - Fire plans dont hurt. 

I always thought it would happen to someone else.

Food for thought


  1. I know what you mean and i'm glad everything is okay(minus the doona).

  2. heh my brother did the same thing before. my parents were not pleased...

  3. My ex was always terried of that happening!

  4. Well to be fair, to everyone else, you are that someone else.

    Glad you're ok :)

  5. A couple of years ago i was drunk and threw my jumper near a heater (same sort as yours) before gracefully passing out on the bed. The hood caught on fire and filled my room with smoke. Thank god my friends were still awake and saved me because there was no way in hell i would have woken up before the next day. You really can't be too careful! Sober or not!