Sunday, June 19, 2011

NY Woman Finds other peoples items in father's remains

A GRIEVING daughter was horrified to find a bizarre bunch of garbage in her father's ashes, including ballpoint-pen springs, glass shards, metal staples and a half-melted crucifix her dad didn't even own.
"There was no explanation. My thought was, 'Is this my dad? If this stuff isn't him - then who is it?'" said daughter Jennie Spooner. "It was definitely surreal."

Ms Spooner found the inhuman remains after she began carrying out her father's last wish, sprinkling his ashes at his favorite places across the city and Long Island, the New York Post reported.

Harry Spooner, a commercial artist, died last October at the age of 79 from pneumonia and an infection.
Among the trash were pieces of bone, the unburned whisks of a dust broom, ballpoint-pen springs, glass shards, metal staples and a half-melted crucifix.

"My heart was pounding. I said, 'What the heck is that? A spring?' It flipped me out. I called the funeral home and told them, 'I just found springs in my dad's ashes,' " she said.

When Ms Spooner demanded an explanation from the director of the Joseph Slinger-Hasgill Funeral Home in Amityville, a spokesman said other debris from previous cremations probably found its way into the ashes, which was the responsibility of the crematorium.

"The guy said to me, 'Oh, maybe he had a spring in his pocket,'" she said.
Ms Spooner then called the state, and now the Division of Cemeteries is investigating. She is also considering a lawsuit against the funeral home.
Both the funeral home and the Long Island Cremation declined comment.


  1. That's just f'd up. Why can't these people respect the dead?

  2. That is horrible, hope they get it sorted out.