Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Schwarzenegger to break silence to Jay Leno

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno may be the place where disgraced former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may provide his first interview following the baby-mama drama that is ending Schwarzenegger's quarter-century marriage with Maria Shriver.

Jay Leno and Arnold Schwarzenegger are not only close friends, The Tonight Show is where Schwarzenegger famously announced his first bid for California governor, shocking pundits and millions of Americans in the process. Although Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have largely avoided the spotlight since the scandal broke, Schwarzenegger will soon be forced to face the music. And softballs from Leno will likely be the safest way for the Terminator star to handle damage control.

Three weeks ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he fathered a baby with a member of his household staff, the result of which is now a failed marriage with Maria Shriver. But Maria will be okay, say the legal and financial advisers contacted by Entertainment Examiner. In fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger may soon have to adjust to life as a less-than wealthy man. That's perhaps the biggest story no one else is yet reporting.

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