Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cruel hunters try to kill bears in Sweden with blood-soaked mattress

CRUEL hunters have been accused of attempting to kill bears in Sweden by fooling them into eating a blood-soaked mattress, causing them a slow death from starvation.
Police at Norrbotten in northern Sweden said the horrific plan emerged after the blood-soaked bedding, apparently intended as bait, was found in the forests outside of Pajala, The Local reports.
"According to what we know, if a bear eats this then it would not be able to eat anything else and die of starvation," said Erik Kummu at Norrbotten police.
He added, "One can question the faculties of someone who is so cruel as to cause an animal such suffering which could continue for several weeks."
Police are considering the case as attempted aggravated criminal hunting and aggravated animal cruelty.


  1. Wow, thats horrible. Pathetic even.

  2. the bears wouldn't just leave the mattress and also eat something else?

  3. Some weirdos in this world

  4. That is absolutely disgusting. Man people can be so insensitive.

  5. wow that's terrible, hate it when people hurt animals