Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ricky Nixon: Ill make them pay ...Schoolgirl: its all lies

 RICKY Nixon is determined to seek "several million dollars" in damages from the AFL Players' Association after what he describes as an "amateurish" investigation that left his career in ruins. 
Nixon's ban as a player agent, and a police investigation into sex and drug allegations against him are in jeopardy after a shock statement from the girl who made the accusations was revealed by the Herald Sun this morning.

Kim Duthie, dubbed the "St Kilda Schoolgirl", has sensationally denied she had a sexual relationship or took illicit drugs with the de-registered player agent in a statement to the AFLPA.
The twist is set to complicate a police investigation into Nixon, with a brief of evidence under review from the Office of Public Prosecutions.
"I firmly have the AFLPA in my sights," Nixon said
"This was an amateurish investigation at best and if this is the people who are representing the players in the collective bargaining agreement, the players could get the worst result of all time."
Asked if he was seeking a financial payout, Nixon said: "Absolutely. Several million dollars."
Nixon said the investigation failed to give him adequate time to give his side of the story and lawyers had already said his case "looks very favourable''.

"I have lost my business reputation, future earnings, it's impacted my family significantly financially,'' he told Triple M radio today.

"So if this investigation had no right to be conducted and was illegal, then they will have to pay.''
During his morning media blitz, he also denied accusations Ms Duthie's retraction was the result of a deal struck between the pair.

“I want to clear up something very quickly, there’s absolutely no deal between her and I whatsoever,” he told Channel 7’s Sunrise.

“Please, give me some respect. If there was going to be any deal done between her and I it would have been done before I had to sell my business, before what it’s done to my family, before what it’s done to my life. Give me some credit,” he said.

Nixon said he knew the truth would come out and he wished Ms Duthie all the best.
"I hope this is an opportunity for her to get on with her life now. She’s a young girl, she’s made some fairly significant mistakes, but she needs to move on,” he said.
Nixon was also forced to answer questions about how he came to be in Ms Duthie’s hotel room wearing only underpants.

“If I knew the answer to that we’d all be geniuses. But I think it’s been made pretty clear, and it’s become pretty clear, that somehow I had substances in my body that night that some people believe was taken accidentally, others believe I was administered it, I’m not going to go there, I’m sick of it all, I don’t care,” he said.
"The damage is done, I don’t know how I ended up like that. But what I do know is what hasn’t been purported or shown is that I fled the hotel not long after that.”

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