Tuesday, September 7, 2010

$35 tablet PC has more features than the iPad

IT'S not as pretty and it's not as powerful, but a new $35 tablet computer from India comes with some basic features that the iPad doesn't.
Apple's trendy touchscreen device, starting at about $630, requires users to fork out for extra accessories if they want to connect a digital camera or output video.
But a low-cost educational tablet from India that costs a fraction of the price comes with USB and Mini USB ports and an SD card slot as standard.
It also has Wi-Fi, a video-out port, runs Google's Android OS and will sell for just 1500 rupees ($36 or $US35).
The tablet is the product of a government plan to create a device affordable for students, and authorities hope to make it even cheaper in the future.
However the computer does have its setbacks.
It has 2GB of RAM but doesn't have a hard drive, and its touchscreen must be used with a stylus rather than fingers.

ndian TV network NDTV this week said a prototype model they reviewed was very impressive despite its flaws.
"The hardware seems to be handling it all very well," they said.
"Android was not sluggish. It seemed like heavy-duty hardware all working well."
One of the only major drawbacks, most likely due to cost, was the simplistic touchscreen.
"It's not a bad touchscreen, but obviously it's not as good as other touchscreens out there," they said.

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