Thursday, September 30, 2010

Teen Charged for incinerating mate - Perth AU

A 16-YEAR-OLD boy charged with the manslaughter of his teenage friend, whose charred body was discovered inside a burnt-out car yesterday, only learned of the death when he was questioned by police.
Police today revealed that Major Crime detectives had broken the news to the boy shortly before he was charged overnight with the manslaughter of his friend Jamie Collard, 16.
Major Crime Squad detectives were called to the Bassendean Shopping Centre car park about 1.30am on Tuesday after firefighters discovered what they believed were human remains inside the gutted car.
Police will allege the accused teen went to the car park with Jamie, where they broke into the car through one of the front doors and rummaged around the vehicle.

The accused then allegedly set fire to the car and fled the scene but his 16-year-old mate could not escape the burning vehicle and was incinerated.
"The deceased was subsequently trapped in the car and couldn't get out,'' Detective Inspector David Bryson said.
"It's a terrible way to die. (It's a) shocking way to meet your end.

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