Thursday, September 30, 2010

The size of Mcdonalds Breakfast - bacon egg roll, hotcakes.. and wheres the big breakfast gone

Okay Im pissed, I Went to the Big arches this morning and bought a whole bunch of stuff ( i dont do this often, i swear). There has been some claim about the size of the burgers and no one really has hard evidence. So i present the following to the jury:

The burgers are smaller
Ok I have no HARDCORE PROOF that they are, and Mcdonalds RELY on the fact that no-one takes photos of thier burgers every year for archive use, BUT i know.. Just compare a hash brown and bacon mcmuffin side by side, youll see what i mean. They let this slip.

The upside is that the muffins cant get much smaller,  if they do, theyll be considered "Gourmet Canapes"

My hotcakes shrunk
A few years ago when hotcakes still came in foam boxes and the BB still existed, They both came in rougly the same size box as each other. A dissasembled sausage and egg mcmuffin + hash brown would be a compact fit into todays carboard box presented to me, even based on the small muffins currently used today.

One more thing: the syrup seems to alway last... as the hotcakes shrunk the syrup serving hasnt, its still huge. It was pretty much the prefect amount years ago,and again, It is around double what i feel  most eaters require.

Items that look they could be shrunk further
Hash browns i reckon were actually smaller, and somehow either grew, or just look really out of proportion when compared to a muffin side by side. I would go as far claiming the Hash brown was near 50% the size of the ones today, or have the muffins shrunk by 50%??? Im not sure but ill be photographing more of my food from now on.

And Wheres my big breakfast, and why cant i get a shake at breakfast?
Its very upsetting Mcdonalds took away the BB, It will be remebered well. Some say its just an unmade sausage and egg roll with a hash brown, some say the scrambled egg was better for you than a fried one, but most agrgee that the ensuing hash brownie muffin was well worth it.

McDonalds dont understand, its wasnt about the eggs, it was about the labour of love, and how food tastes better when youve (assembled) it yourself

Now hopefully Mcdonalds are clever like i think they are and have a brand monitor going, and that youve picked up on this post.


  1. Being a regular Bacon & Egg McMuffin fan, I thought that it was just me but I noticed that it's shrank to a mini size for kids! I asked the McD crew if they have given me the wrong size but they said it's their 'usual' size. I don't believe it since the rise in GST here, McD said that their price remains the same but what they don't tell you is that they've given you smaller portions now! Not happy with this and decide to ban myself from going to McD as I'm just going to be disappointed, and save more money and have calories in the process.

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  3. The egg McMuffin has shrunk. Go to the store and buy some English muffins. Look what size they are. Then go to McDonalds and buy their Egg McMuffin. Its the kiddie size. Same price (wrong its a lot more) but 2/3rd the old size. What a complete ripoff. Use to spend $50.00 to $75.00 a month there. Now zero. Go to Jack in the box and get the big size for less money. McDonalds is a zip off!!!!!!!!

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