Monday, September 27, 2010

Cop busted over facebook photo - The law at work or PC gone mad?

AN American policeman was disciplined after posting a photograph of two goats playing on a roof on his Facebook page because the image showed a "crime scene." 

The incident occurred after Southfield police in Detroit took a call about two baby goats playing on the roof of a home, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Police went to investigate, and found the animals on a roof in the suburb of Southfield. it is an offence to keep the animals within the city limits.
However, one of the police officers was amused by the scene, and took a photograph which he later posted on Facebook.

"The officer thought it was cute ... [but] that's a photograph of the crime scene," Southfield Police Chief Joseph Thomas said.

Mr Thomas said the officer was disciplined after the incident - which occurred in March this year - and the photograph was taken down from the Facebook page.

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