Thursday, September 9, 2010

Facebook Places Australia Updates

Currently Doing the rounds on facebook is a "post this as your status" status update, along the lines of:
Facebook Launched Facebook Places yesterday. Anyone can find out where you are when you are logged in. It gives the actual address & map location of where you are as you use Facebook. Make sure your kids know. TO UNDO:go to"Account", "Account ............Settings."Notifications" then scroll ...down "Places" and uncheck the 2 boxes. Make sure to SAVE changes and re-post this !!
So, What is all the fuss about? Well according to our research - Nothing. Yup thats right, Facebook places is not available in Australia yet, though Facebook is tauting a release date soon. The instructions however do ring true and the "2 boxes" do exist, obviously in preparation for the launch.
Moreover, Places in only available on smart phones that support W3 Geolaction, acoording to fb themselves, So that rules out about 95% of the poplulation. Facebooks FAQ does state that Places can be accessed through , However no Places options appear for AU users. 
But!, Where theres a will, there a way.. Users wishing to use places NOW can check in through a VPN - See our friends here at socialmedianews for more info, or what a VPN actually is.
The FAQ also states "At this time, the Places application is available to users in the United States with mobile access to the Facebook application for iPhone or " With all the hype surrounding Places and the priavcy concerns it brings, we think its good that user are becoming more aware of privacy controls on the web.

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