Sunday, September 26, 2010

An open letter to Kristy Fraser-Kirk - Skank in the making.

Hi Kristy

I think youve got internet personality disorder... No amount of touchy touchy is worth this much.. not even rape victims get this much. Thanks for helping pull the world apart with endless litigation. Well all be paying more in retail next year thanks to this.

If you werent such a cowardless bitch in the 1st place and stood up for yourself, this would not be happening. Funny that you can show some clout on national TV but you couldnt to few retails execs?? I hope you get jack shit.


A court has heard a publicist suing a former David Jones chief executive for sexual harassment has health problems caused by media coverage of the case.
David Jones and its former boss Mark McInnes are being sued for $37 million by publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk, who claims the former CEO made unwanted sexual advances towards her.
During legal argument about the non-disclosure of names of some witnesses, Ms Fraser-Kirk's lawyers referred to the "media frenzy" surrounding the case.
Lawyer Rachel Francois told the Federal Court the publicist has suffered "intrusion and harm" and does not want others to suffer the same fate.
Ms Francois said evidence will be produced to show that she has developed an "adjustment disorder" as a result of the attention.

She said her client's home and her neighbours have been the subject of media attention and Ms Fraser-Kirk has to check under her car.

Ms Fraser-Kirk's legal team is seeking to keep the names of some witnesses in the case confidential.
Her statement of claim includes 10 witnesses, but her lawyers want the names of three to remain confidential.
The lawyer for David Jones has told the court there is no reason for the names not to be revealed.
"It's the simplest of requests," he told the court.

 YOU TOO can be part of the action.. See to send her mail or even call her! Its too good!

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  1. I hope the ugly gold digger dies in her sleep