Friday, September 24, 2010

Dirty Delhi 2010 - Inside the athletes' village filthy underbelly - Pictures - Commonwealth Games Disgrace

BRAND-NEW toilets in the village are filthy beyond description.
News_Rich_Media: Photos reveal 'filthy' DelhiJust metres down a landscaped boulevard designed to transport visitors from the chaos of suburban Delhi to the tranquillity of the Commonwealth Games athletes' village, a small child squats to defecate in the elegant sandstone gutter.

Well, where else would he go?

In a country where mobile phones outnumber toilets, this is a common sight - and it looks as though it's one the world's finest and fittest may not be spared despite the best efforts of the Indian government and the Commonwealth Games Federation.

The air is, by turns, fragrant then fetid, as the stench from stormwater outlets intermittently defeats the flowering frangipani trees that line the way.

Just hours before the arrival of the first 50 athletes in Delhi, workers shovel dirt onto large puddles of still water to try to reduce the potential breeding ground for the dengue fever-carrying mosquito that has wreaked havoc across the city this monsoon season.

The Australian saw dozens of workers armed with brooms, buckets and mops walking around the compound. But few were doing any cleaning.

What the rooms are meant to  look like.

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