Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Safety (read:revenue) cameras just arent working - Record holiday road toll

Eight people have been killed and two people are fighting for life after five separate crashes on New South Wales roads this long weekend.

After the deaths of six people in three separate crashes on Friday night and early Saturday, police yesterday called a press conference in Western Sydney to appeal for drivers to take extra care.

But as the head of the Crash Investigation Unit told the media he felt defeated and did not know what more to do to stop the road toll rising, police were responding to a collision at Hoxton Park in Western Sydney.

After an intensive roll out of the new Safety cameras, and Mobile speed cameras, Both capable of detecting speeding, red light offences, capture unregistered and stolen cars and ID a cars route, in multiple lanes at once, the road toll is still climbing.

With the government claiming the cameras are placed in strategic hot spot locations, critics are claiming them ineffective and just another move by the NSW government to create a Big Brother State in NSW.

So what has gone wrong? Is it that there are simply too many cars in Sydney? With a failing public transport system and a constant 10 year government flip-flop on the "next generation" of public transport, SydnySiders are forced to rely more and more on private transport - Why else do cars sales still rise in an economic downturn?
One only needs to look at motorbike sales to see the where the problems are starting.

Additionally, Australia is one of the few rare countries in the world where you can take your driving test in one of  28+ foreign languages - ie: You do not need to speak english to obtain a driving or riding licence in Australia. Its a joke. Anyone else see the link in problems?

We also have a large influx of immigrants each year from Asia, Europe and the Middle east. Driving standards are lesser in these regions, if in existence at all, and with such a relaxed attitude to driving tests, its understandable that the problems are outgrowing the solutions.

This editor suggests the Government of this country look at the source of the problem, instead of focusing on the problem itself, Which clearly isn't working.

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