Sunday, October 17, 2010

Australian Capital Territory to introduce Point-to-Point Speed, Unregistered and Stolen vehicle Cameras

The ACT Government announced that the ACT's first point-to-point speed cameras would be installed on Hindmarsh Drive, to be operational by mid next year.

The ACT Government will commence a staged introduction of the cameras following the completion of a forward design study that found that point-to-point cameras would be an effective and viable speed deterrent in the ACT.

Point-to-point cameras measure the average speed of a vehicle over a stretch of road and discourage drivers from the practice of speeding up and slowing down to avoid detection by conventional fixed safety cameras.  The ACT cameras will also check for unregistered, stolen or other vehicles of interest to police using number plate recognition technology.

Introduction of point-to-point cameras is one component of speed management measures under the ACT Road Safety Strategy to challenge the culture of speeding, reduce road trauma and save lives.

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