Sunday, October 24, 2010

Woman with $32 000 in parking fines lashes out at critics

PARKING cheat Melissa Jaworski has achieved cult status on social networking site Facebook, with 251 requests for friends. 

But Ms Jaworski appears to be upset by her new-found fame achieved when the Geelong Advertiser revealed she had racked up $32,105 in warrants after ignoring 152 parking fines from the City of Greater Geelong with a scathing post on her Facebook page that was also emailed to the newspaper.

"To everyone that is abusing me on the Geelong Addy website, how about get your facts straight before commenting on the situation and to the Geelong Addy how about get f****d for stealing my personal picture off Facebook to publish without my permission," the post said.

"And to all the losers inboxing me how about get a f***ing life. 251 friend requests. How f***ing pathetic."

The story of the Geelong woman's massive bill, which could see her in debt to the court for almost 12 years after she reached an agreement with the sheriff to pay the fines at $150 each fortnight, has captured the attention of the national press. Online bloggers and forum users have also run the story, with many marvelling at how a 21-year-old woman managed to accumulate so many fines in about two years.
Addy readers were divided on the story, with Ms Jaworski's supporters saying she was not to blame for the fines.
"It disappoints me to see that small-minded people are so quick to judge without facts," Terrie wrote.

"The fines were only accumulated due to poor parking conditions in Geelong city."

Claire Dumont, of St Leonards, said everyone made mistakes.

"As Terrie said, Geelong has terrible parking conditions, anyone who is local here knows that," she wrote. "If you work in Geelong CBD, it is almost impossible to find a park some days.

"There are people out there who are struggling with life, people who get bashed and murdered and raped and you are all concerned with some parking fines?"
But others had little sympathy for Ms Jaworski.

"My daughter works in the city of Geelong and never gets booked and she parks on public streets," Peter, of Geelong, wrote. "I guess the difference is she abides by the law the person whom the story is about does not. Simple really."
Attempts by the Geelong Advertiser to contact Ms Jaworski for comment failed.

For local updates and to see that picture of Ms Jaworski, visit the Geelong Advertiser.

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