Monday, October 18, 2010

Paul Dempsey vows band Something for Kate will have new album next year

Paul dempsey Everything Is True
New band album next year  ... Singer songwriter Paul Dempsey reveals Something For Kate are hard at work. 
SOMETHING For Kate singer Paul Dempsey has vowed his band will never split up, promising a new album will be ready some time next year. 

Dempsey and his wife Stephanie Ashworth recently relocated to New York with the intention of writing songs for the follow up to 2006's Desert Light.
They regularly email tracks to drummer Clint Hyndman, who remains in Melbourne, and say the band have rediscovered their creative flair after a drought of almost five years.
"When we feel like it's progressed enough we'll get in a room together and start hashing it out," he said from New York.

"That's always been the next thing. I've done my solo record and now we want to write another Something For Kate record."
The band decided to divide themselves between Australia and the US for creative reasons. Dempsey, who is ARIA nominated for Best Male Artist for his solo album Everything Is True, has suffered writers block in the past and wanted a fresh start somewhere new.

"It's just about what works for the three of us when it works, and for me it doesn't matter whether the songs are put out by me or the band," he said.

"We're not a band that would call it a day and break up anyway, we'd just leave it for a while and come back to it at some point.

"We're too close as friends so we wouldn't want it ever to be over."
It was widely reported that Something For Kate were calling it quits after Dempsey released Everything Is True earlier this year, despite the singer emphasising the break was temporary.
"Unfortunately it got misreported in a lot of places that the band was no longer," he said.

"We went to great pains to emphasise the fact that just because I was writing my own album didn't mean Something For Kate was all over, but it just kept getting printed.
"It's slightly annoying because now when the album does come out next year people will be calling it a reunion or a comeback."

Paul Dempsey has wrapped up his solo project by releasing a new single We'll Never Work In The Town Again, which is out now on EMI Records.

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