Sunday, October 17, 2010

Foxtel on Xbox 360 to cost less than $20

FOXTEL and Microsoft will make a package of pay-TV channels available on their joint Foxtel on Xbox 360 service for less than $20 a month. 

The pay-TV service will be accessible on Xbox 360 consoles that are connected via the internet to the Xbox Live entertainment network from November.

The service will include live streamed pay-TV channels, full-length "catch-up TV'' programs that have recently been broadcast, and Foxtel On Demand, the recently-launched internet TV and movie pay-per-view service.
The starter package of 11 channels will cost less than $20 a month and will include Fox8, MTV, Nickelodeon, Channel [V], Lifestyle YOU, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, TV1, Sky News, Fox Sports News and CNN.

Additional packages will offer entertainment, sports and two tiers of movie content at a cost of an extra $10 a month per package.
Pricing for the starter package undercuts the monthly fee charged by internet service providers that have signed up to offer rival internet-delivered pay-TV service FetchTV to their customers: both iiNet and Internode have flagged a monthly cost of just under $30, as well as $99 for the FetchTV box.

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