Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hundreds sick in hotel 'nightmare'

Royal Park Hotel Bulgaria
Legal action has been launched against First Choice by 276 guests of the Royal Park Hotel in Bulgaria / screengrab 
ALMOST 300 holidaymakers have launched legal action over an allegedly "horrible" stay where they were struck down by a gastric illness. 

High Court action has been launched against UK tour operator First Choice by 276 guests of the Royal Park Hotel in Bulgaria, the DailyMail reported.

The guests say they fell ill while staying at the hotel between June and October 2008. Many suffered Shigella, an illness with fatal consequences.

Law firm Irwin Mitchell is acting on behalf of the guests and has already received settlements for a further 96 tourists who fell ill at the hotel in 2004, 2005 and 2007.

Clive Garner from Irwin Mitchell said many of the guests were unable to obtain medical treatment at the hotel due to long queues, with around 40 clients forced to seek hospital
Claire Shillinglaw, 26, said both her children fell ill with sever gastric symptoms within days of staying at the hotel.

"We couldn't go on any excursions because we had to be near a toilet at all times and I was ill for a further four weeks once we got home, too," she said.

"So many people at the resort were ill, it was a nightmare. By the end of the holiday, other holidaymakers were standing at the front gates telling people not to come in."

Mr Garner said tour operators have a responsibility to ensure the hotels they send people comply with health and safety regulations.
"The failures that occurred at this hotel were very serious indeed and should not be tolerated," Mr Garner said.
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  1. A sad story indeed. Unfortunately it affects the image of Bulgaria as a destination while the people responsible for the scandal will most likely go unpunished.
    As I work in the industry and have observations on the situation in Bulgaria when it comes to food and service this case is an exception, not a rule.