Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cops get handbook for unruly witches

BRITISH police officers on patrol for Halloween celebrations have been armed with a 300-page handbook that includes information on how to deal with unruly witches. 

The handbook - prepared by London's Metropolitan police - contains information and instructions for officers on dealing with followers of various beliefs, including witchery.

The helpful advice warns police officers to be wary of a witch's Book of Shadows, which contains their spells, and to watch out for their ceremonial dagger.

Known as an "athame," the dagger is "not intended to be used as an offensive weapon but might be misinterpreted as such," the handbook explains.

The handbook also contains a glossary of pagan terms and explains the significance of events such as Halloween. It covers a wide range of ideas and beliefs, from atheism Zoroastrianism.

Nine pages of the handbook are dedicated to atheists.
The handbook says that: "Atheists have no dietary requirements other than those of the individual.
There are no designated places of worship. There are no prescribed texts. Atheists have no prayers. [But] be aware that atheists might feel offended by an assumption of faith."

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