Thursday, October 7, 2010

Confusion at archery venue - Delhi Commonwealth Games

In a state of confusion at the archery venue of the Yamuna Sports Complex the Australian's countdown clock was mistakenly started when in fact the South Africans were shooting during the men's compound bronze play-off. Play was stopped for almost 10 minutes while officials attempted to resolve the
issue as that affected performance of the Aussies who lost by a narrow two points.

Robert Timms, Clint Freeman and Pat Coghlan were defeated 232 points to 234 by Nico Benade, Septimus Holtzhaus Cilliers and Jacobus Ignatius de Wet.

But the Aussies coach Simone Fairweather said, "No there is no problem. We will not be protesting."
Coghlan, however, appeared unhappy and said: "I've trained for four years for this and for incompetence to affect my result, I'm not very happy."

"If we actually lodge an appeal we won't lose, we'd actually get a bronze. With the clock not running, the first arrow that they shot becomes a miss.

"It's not the way you really want to win but in reality if the appeal got lodged I can't see us losing," said the 36-year-old veteran.

Coghlan however said the timing glitch was not India's fault and it was a New Zealander who was the director of shooting.

"It's nothing to do with India."

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