Saturday, October 2, 2010

Games official catches dengue fever - Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010

An official at the Commonwealth Games athletes' village in Delhi has reportedly caught dengue fever.
More than 6,800 competitors and team officials from the 71 competing countries are staying at the athletes village.
Several thousand people in Delhi have been diagnosed with dengue fever over the past few weeks, partly due to recent heavy rains, during which mosquito numbers have been able to flourish in pools of water around partially-finished construction sites.
The man, who is involved with the Indian lawn bowls team, was admitted to a Delhi hospital after showing symptoms of fever, low blood pressure and low platelet count, the Times of India reported today.
The newspaper said the hospital would neither confirm or deny whether the man, who is from the north-east of India, has the potentially fatal mosquito-born virus.
But it quoted the Health Minister Kiran Walia as saying the patient had been staying at a hotel in Delhi prior to coming to the athletes' village.

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