Monday, October 11, 2010

How To Delete All your Facebook Groups And Wall Posts the easy way

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A little story time before we get into the technical details.

I have an old unused Facebook account that I was actively on for the past 2 years. But I stopped using it at a point because there was too much group spam in my Facebook inbox. You know those annoying groups that send you messages once per day, multiply that by X number of groups you have, then multiply it by about 10%, and you get an inbox full of crap you don’t really care about – daily.

I was busy at the time, and I was simply too lazy to delete my groups manually. So I abandoned the profile, opened a new one, and added back people I wanted to keep in touch with.

Fast forward to today. I now know how to use imacros for automating a lot of my tasks! Armed with this new knowledge, I created a simple imacros script, looped it about 200 times, walked away to get some snacks, came back…Done!
All 200 something Facebook Groups are gone from my profile! Okay with the exception of 3 groups that I created myself. Those are still there. But my profile is now spic and span.
It is so damn cool I cannot express it in words. You really just need to try it yourself.

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