Monday, October 11, 2010

Kristy Fraser-Kirk's Extravagant and Exorbitant Bill

PUBLICIST Kristy Fraser-Kirk has sent a bill for her airfare to New York to David Jones as part of her record sexual harassment claim. 

Ms Fraser-Kirk has included the trip to the seaside playground of the Hamptons, during which she attended a family wedding, on a list of expenses which she claims were necessary to escape the "enormous" media attention in Sydney.

She remains on the David Jones payroll despite her $37 million claim against her employer.
"Based on professional psychological advice, Kristy was advised to leave Australia as that would be in her best interests," her spokesman said in a statement last night.

Also on the expenses list is an earlier flight to London and a number of taxi fares. Ms Fraser-Kirk, 27, met parents Alex and Sally in the Hamptons and photographs of her smiling and apparently relaxed were posted on Facebook.

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