Sunday, October 10, 2010

Moronic Mayor and his name change plans - Holroyd

TELL someone you are from Holroyd and chances are you will get a blank stare.
Deputy Mayor John Perry wants to change that.

Tired of the municipality suffering a lack of recognition from government and investors, the former mayor is calling for a rebranding.

``Holroyd needs a change of name,’’ Cr Perry told the Advertiser.

``My view is (the name) Holroyd is irrelevant to the area,’’ Cr Perry said.

``It really struck home to me while I was mayor and meeting people from across the state.
``You say you’re from Holroyd and you have to spend 10 minutes explaining where it is.’‘
He said the local government area could be more widely recognised if it was named after its central business district, like other places had been.

``It should be Merrylands City, after the CBD,’’ Cr Perry said.

``At least people know where it is. It’s easier to sell and people can relate to the area.’‘
The Holroyd name was established in 1927, when the municipality of Prospect and Sherwood was renamed after its first mayor, Arthur Todd Holroyd.

Born in London in 1806, Holroyd came to Australia in 1844. He worked as a lawyer and was involved in politics. He later served as a judge of the NSW Supreme Court.

Yet the name had hindered the council from making progress with business and government, Cr Perry said ``Particularly when you go to state government, it’s amazing.’‘
``There are public servants who don’t know where (Holroyd) is.’‘

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