Saturday, October 2, 2010

MP upset over Lawyers Golf Course Game Hunting Spree - ABC News

Tasmania's Cabinet Secretary has congratulated police for refusing to allow a Hobart lawyer to shoot native animals at his local golf club.

Cassy O'Connor told State Parliament, barrister Andrew Abbott SC applied for a permit to cull wildlife including native hens and possums at the Kingston Golf Course.
She says she is appalled Mr Abbott is threatening to seek a judicial review of the decision and plans to take the matter to the Supreme Court.
Ms O'Connor says police made the right decision and she can not imagine a bigger waste of the court's time.

"Our Supreme Court, our courts are extremely busy and I can not imagine a greater waste of Supreme Court time and resources than for this sort of matter to go before the court," she said.
"What Mr Abbott SC proposes to do is to go to the Kingston Golf Course in the afternoon and early in the evening, when there's no one there, and shoot wood duck, native hen, sulphur crested cockatoos and bush possums as he drives around the course in his four-wheel drive Porsche Cayenne."

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