Saturday, October 2, 2010

US Postal worker busted photographing own genitals on stolen phone

A US postal worker was arrested for allegedly stealing a woman's BlackBerry and using it to take photos of his genitals. 

Police said the woman reported her BlackBerry stolen after she left it on top of her mailbox to get a stronger signal, reported.

Two minutes later she noticed the phone was missing and that her mail had been delivered. The woman told police she believed the mailman might have taken it by mistake.

Police located the postal worker, later identified as Joseph L. Sauve, 44, of Gloucester, and saw him sitting in his truck with the BlackBerry, actively pushing buttons.
An officer called the phone and Sauve answered but then quickly hung up when he realized it was the police.

Police say Sauve told officers that he found the phone on the ground and was trying to find out who owned it. Officers took the phone and returned it to the woman.

About 15 minutes later the woman called police back to report that she found obscene pictures on her phone that had been taken while the phone was missing.

Detectives and officers came to the home this time and found six pictures of a man's penis in the phone. In two of the photos blue clothing consistent with the shorts Sauve was wearing were visible.

Sauve was charged with dissemination or possession with intent to disseminate obscene material and larceny over $US250 ($257).

He was released on bail, which, according to the police report, was posted by his mother.

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